- (colormeunsold) wrote,

I gave you a chance. I gave both of you a chance. And apparantly you couldn't grasp the fact that if neither of you had the balls to fess up, that I had no reason to stay. Well I hope you're mighty happy with eachother now.

Yeah, I know what you're thinking.
I couldn't leave before. What makes you think I can now?
It's actually an extremely simple concept.
Before, I had no real reason to leave.
Now, there is no reason for me to stay.
Thanks to one lying bitch with no respect, I lost all reason to stay, all reason to try and resolve past conflicts.

I pretty much know who you are. It wasn't exactly hard to figure out. In fact, it was so obvious, I added you last, even before this happened. Started talking to you again -- last. Because I didn't feel I could trust you. Now I know to trust my intuition.
And I'm so extremely disappointed in you, first off for doing this. Then denying it, right to my face, just so your relationship with people remains stable though you couldn't care less about seeing me lose some of my closest friends over your fucken mistake. You're extremely selfish, and obviously have no concept of what it means to be a friend. It surprises me you can even keep friends, when all you want is what's good for you.

I would never wish this upon someone, not even a cunt like you. However, I do hope you continue to pay for this in every relationship you have since. You know you're dirt. You know you're a heartless bitch. You know that, despite what others may tell you, you're a horrible, sad, pathetic excuse for a human being.
And yes, I'm not mentioning your name. Why? This is just for you, just for you to dwell on, the hurt and the pain you caused, this is just for you, to live with for the rest of your life. And I truly hope it's something that will affect you and cause you to realize how horrible you are.

So that's it. For those of you who had enough respect for me to keep my wishes, I thank you deeply. I wish all my friends could have been as amazing as you.
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hey im chris
hey stop your whinging it really is not that bad ; i can understand how hurtful it must have been at the time ; but hey the world needs you to be happy ; respectful ; nice ; and well moraled